Parks Commission

In August, 1970, the voters of Thomas Township approved the establishment of a Parks and Recreation Commission. During meetings held monthly, the Parks Commission concerns itself with the establishment  of possible new parks, brings questions and ideas to other members of the Commission to discusses the future of Thomas Township Parks. Each Member of the Commission has special talents which give the body a broad base for the improvement of recreational facilities in Thomas Township.

Park Commission Meeting Dates 2022

2022 Park Commission Agendas and Minutes


I want to Address the Park Commission

The Thomas Township Parks Commission meets the 4th Monday of every month.

Every regular and special Park Commission meeting allows for Public Comment/Citizen Comment time.  This time is reserved on the main agenda, near the beginning of every meeting for citizens and any public to Park Commission  You are asked to keep your comments to three (3) minutes in length to give everyone ample time to speak, however, this may be adjusted from time to time based upon the number of people who wish to address the Park Commission.

You must also keep in mind that this is Public Comment time and very rarely will this become question and answer time.  If you have addressed the Park Commission with a matter, you can rest assured that a staff member will most likely get back to you within the following week so you can discuss a particular matter in depth with the appropriate Department Head or the Township Manager.

The Thomas Township Park Commission meets PROMPTLY at 6:30 p.m., at The Thomas Township Public Safety Building, 8215 Shields Drive, Saginaw, MI  48609

Scott Branch, Chairman

Craig Aimar, Secretary

Dean Rusch

Angela Alworden

Craig Blower

DJ Sova

Ann Hoffman

2021 Park Commission Agendas and Minutes

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2019 Park Commission Agenda and Minutes

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