Hazardous Material Team

In 1998, a joint venture between the Saginaw Township Fire Department and Thomas Township Fire Department was forged to create a special response team capable of performing specialized rescues involving high-angles, confined spaces and trench collapse along with hazardous materials incidents.

Because of the huge training demands and the many specialties

Team members wear Leval A exposure suits during a training.

required, the unit was reorganized into a Specialized Rescue Team and a Hazardous Materials Team.

In 2010 the Bridgeport Township Fire Department joined the team.

The team provides specialists to handle incidents involving hazardous materials in Saginaw County and surrounding jurisdictions.

Members of the team are experienced firefighters who have attended hundreds of hours of advanced training.

Following the terrorist’s activities on September 11, 2001 the team’s need to the community has greatly increased.

Thomas Township