Specialized Rescue Team

In 1998, a joint venture between Saginaw Township Fire Department and Thomas Township Fire Department was forged to create a rescue team capable of performing specialized rescues involving high-angles, confined spaces and trench collapse.

From this venture arose the Saginaw-Thomas Township Specialized Rescue Team. The twenty-two member team provides 24hr/ 7 day a week specialized rescue protection to the communities of Saginaw Township and Thomas Township and surrounding jurisdictions.

Members tabulate an excess of two-hundred and fifty hours of training annually including a two-day training exercise in Findley, Ohio.  S.R.T. members must attend these special trainings to become and remain an effective participant in this professional service group that is dedicated to their communities.

Rescue equipment is carried on Saginaw Township Squad One, Thomas Township Rescue One and on an enclosed trailer that has a full compliment of ropes, harnesses, personal protective equipment, self-contained breathing air, chain saw, cutting torch, shoring materials and ventilation equipment.

Thomas Township