Don Emeott Honored

On July 27, 2021, Mrs. Jan Emeott and family members along with Thomas Township Downtown Development Authority Board members , and Thomas Township staff came together at Roberts Park to honor Mr. Don Emeott.  Don was an active member of the Thomas Township community and was one of the founding members of the Shields Men’s Club.  He spent countless hours each year preparing for the festival at what is now Roberts Park.  He was the first inductee into the Parks and Recreation Hall of Fame for his work on the Township Parks Commission as well as his efforts to help create the parks in Thomas Township. 

The former Shields Men’s Club pavilion which has been remodeled as part of Roberts Park now displays the plaque, donated by Michigan Laser Customs of Saginaw Township,  placed in memory of Don, a man who was an asset to Thomas Township who will be dearly missed by all.  Thank you, Don and thank you to the Emeott family for “sharing” him with us all these years.


Honoring Our Hometown Heroes

Our website now has a page dedicated to “Hometown Heroes”, residents past and present who have had a  banner purchased to honor them.  These will be displayed along Gratiot Road on the streetlight poles.  Along with their photographs is a small explanation by those who honored these individuals as to why they are their “Hometown Hero”.    


Please take a look here to see these honorees.  Honored Hometown Heroes.




If you are interested in purchasing a banner for your “Hometown Hero”  please click here.