Water/Sewer Billing Information

Water/Sewer Service:  A form must be completed for all new and/or changes to the water and sewer accounts at the Thomas Township Municipal Building, 249 North Miller Road, Saginaw, MI 48609.  Water and sewer is billed quarterly based on usage and late fees added after the due date. 

Current Usage & Rates (In-Township):

Effective 4/1/2021

  • Water: $3.73
  • Sewer: $4.84
  • Sprinkler Meter $ 4.50

***Rates are per 1,000 gallons of water.

***Ready-To-Serve fees are additional on water/sewer bills. 

Water/Sewer Rates 

Water Usage Information

Billing Codes:

01-Water: House water meter charge based on usage. 

02-Sewer:  Sewer charges based on usage. 

02-WATER: Water usage thru sprinkler meter

03-MISC: Multi-Unit Water Charge.  

04-RTS Water: Ready-To-Serve is a flat rate determined by the size of the meter and charged to all customers for water consumed and for all sewer flow. 

05-RTS SEWER: Sewer system maintenance charge for sewer mains.

08-FIRELINE: Fire Line charge (commercial accounts)


For additional information on water/sewer billing you can contact the Water Department by phone at 1-989-781-0150.