Thomas Township

Every tract of land within Thomas Township and each and every part thereof shall be kept clean and free from any accumulation of vermin, dirt, filth, rubbish, garbage, junk, refuse, debris, waste or other matter of similar kind including abandoned automobiles, whether serviceable or not, or any part or parts thereof; tires, refuse from repair, alterations or demolition of buildings, machines or equipment in whole or in parts or any other discarded materials of any kind whatever; or in the yards, courts, passages, areas or alleys connected therewith or belonging to the same.

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249 North Miller Road
Saginaw, MI 48609-4896

PHONE: 781-0150

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February 2017
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Category: Community EventsThomas Township Board of Trustees Meeting

Thomas Township Board of Trustees Meeting

Category: Planning CommissionPlanning Commission Meeting

Planning Commission Meeting

Category: Community EventsTownship Offices are Closed

Township Offices are Closed

Category: Community EventsParks and Recreation Commission Meeting

Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting

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