Thomas Township
 Business License:  Title 2; Thomas Township General Ordinance


2-1-3: – LICENSE:



Requirement Established: No person may commence or continue a “business”, as herein defined, within the Township without having first obtained a Township license therefor as hereinafter provided and without maintaining such license in current effect during any business operation or activity.


Application: No license to commence or continue a business shall be issued until the owner or operator thereof shall have first submitted an application to the licensing agent of the Township on a form provided by the licensing agent for such purposes.

(Ord. 93-G-01, 6-7-1993, eff. 7-16-1993)


Fee: A fee as determined and set from time to time by resolution of the Township Board shall accompany the original application and all renewals.




All Charges Paid: No license shall be issued until storm water fees, all hookup fees, connection fees, or other charges required by the Township ordinance shall be paid in full or as permitted by ordinance provisions.

(Ord. 93-G-01, 6-7-1993, eff. 7-17-1994; amd. Ord. 97-G-04, 4-7-1997)


Compliance With All Laws: No license shall be issued unless the applicant has complied with all Township, County, State and Federal laws, rules and regulations.


Legal Under Existing Law: No license shall be issued by the licensing agent where the existing or proposed business would be illegal under any law or ordinance of the United States of America, the State of Michigan, the county having jurisdiction thereof, or the Township.


Issuance After Review: Upon the filing of a properly completed application and upon payment of the fee and after review by the Zoning Administrator, the licensing agent shall issue a license to the person to commence or continue the business designated in said application if the business complies with the terms of this Ordinance.


Display: The license shall be prominently displayed to public view.

(Ord. 93-G-01, 6-7-1993, eff. 7-16-1993)


Duration; Renewals; Late Fees: The license issued under this Ordinance shall be effective until December 15 of the year in which issued. Licenses not renewed within thirty (30) days after the December due date shall, in addition to the license or renewal fee, pay a late fee as determined and set from time to time by a resolution of the Township Board.

(Ord. 93-G-01, 6-7-1993, eff. 7-17-1994; amd. Ord. 97-G-04, 4-7-1997)


Transfer: No license may be transferred by the holder to any other person except upon prior approval of the Township Board.


Inspection: The licensing agent shall have the right of inspection of the business premises to assure compliance with this Ordinance.


Off-Street Parking: No license shall be issued unless the licensee provides off-street parking sufficient to meet the needs of the business involved and which must be adequately maintained to provide safe and efficient parking of motor vehicles and prevent unnecessary congestion and interference with public use of streets. All off-street parking shall be surfaced with a material that shall provide a durable, and dustless surface and shall be graded and provided with adequate drainage to dispose of all collected surface water. If surfaced with concrete or asphalt, off-street parking areas shall provide six inches (6″) of cement concrete or two inches (2″) of asphalt surface laid over a base of crushed stone with a compacted thickness of six inches (6″).


Termination Of Business: The licensee shall notify the licensing agent prior to any termination of the business for which the license is issued but no part of the license fee shall be refunded.

(Ord. 93-G-01, 6-7-1993, eff. 7-16-1993)




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