Public Works FAQ

How do I contact the Department of Public Works? We are located at 251 Miller Ct, Saginaw, MI  48609.  Our phone number is (989) 781-6438.  Our office hours are 8 am -5 pm, Monday through Fridays.  You may email us by clicking this link:

What are all these colored flags in my yard? Those flags mark underground utilities for contractors under the MISS DIG system.  Many utilities are buried underground such as water, sewer, electric, cable, natural gas, and cable TV.  These markings allow us to work safely.  Please do not remove these flags until construction activities are completed.  As a homeowner, you too can access this service and dig safely on your property.  Click this link for additional information:

I want to report roadkill to be picked up, who do I call? See the MMWA website for guidance.

We have a street light that is out.  Who do I contact?  Those street lights can be reported to the Township main line at (989) 781-0150.

Why do I have to pay a penalty on my water bill even if I didn’t receive the bill? Unfortunately we cannot control the mail. It is the responsibility of each resident to inform us if they do not receive a bill. All water bills are due by the 25th of the month unless the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday. The next business date will be the due date (no exceptions).

I live on a County Road and have a pothole, who should I call? You may call the Saginaw County Road Commission at 989-752-6140.

I would like to report a pothole on a State Road, how would I do that? Please use this link: MDOT

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