Thomas Township


The cemetery is located at 2385 N River Rd, Saginaw MI 48609.
Grave sites are available to residents of Thomas Township for purchase.

Cemetery Hours

Mondays – Sunday    8am to dusk

Holidays                   8am to dusk


Grave Site Purchases:     $550.00

Columbaria Niche:         

Niche (Rows A & B)                $500.00

Niche (Row C & D)                 $475.00

Gravesite or Niche Transfer  $ 50.00

Past Resident Fee  – 150%


Burial and Inurnment Fees

Burial – Monday thru Friday             $625.00

Burial – Holidays & Weekends          $725.00

Inurnment- Monday thru Friday    $250.00

Inurnment – Holiday & Weekend   $350.00

Past Resident Fee  – 150%


Marker & Memorial Foundation Fees

(Add 8” to marker size)

$0.50 per square inch


Veteran’s Paver Costs

$35.00 per brick


Fees are subject to change





For all who have served….


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Click Here for an aerial view of the cemetery



or click here for a plot map of the cemetery