Monthly Statistics

December 2021

 Immigration 0
 Homicide 0
 Kidnapping 0
 Sexual Assault0
 Non-Aggravated Assault11
 Aggravated Assault0
 Motor Vehicle Theft1
 False Pretenses/Swindle/Credit card (Atm)/Identity Theft/wire fraud/bad checks1
Traffic Policy0
 Property Damage/Vandalism6
 Stolen Property0
 Retail Fraud1
 Family Offenses1
 Drug Law Violations1
 Sex Offense Other0
 Liquor Law Violations0
 Obstructing Police0
 Obstructing Justice5
 Weapons Offenses1
 Operating MV while under the Influence Liquor/Drugs7
 Disorderly Conduct2
 Traffic Complaints12
 Health and Safety/ Conservation3
 Property Inspections1
 Juvenile Runaway/ Missing Person0
 Violation of Rules0
 Non-Criminal Custodies0
 Traffic Accidents (Including Hit and Run)34
 Private Property Accidents5
 All Other Traffic Related Complaints2
 Unfounded Alarm0
 Civil Matters/Family Disputes7
 Suspicious Activity13
 Lost/Found Property0
Drug Overdose0
Suicide and Attempt0
 Death by Natural Causes0
 Missing Person0
 Assist Other Agencies (Police – Fire – Ambulance- False Alarm)104
 General Non-Criminal Assist2