2021 Business/Organization of the Year Awards

In June the Thomas Township Planning Commission, represented by Mr. Rod Iamurri, Chairman and Mr. David Sommers, Planning Commission member, presented the 2021 Business/Organization of the Year awards.  The recipients were chosen by the Planning Commission based on the aesthetic quality of the property as well as the positive example they set for the community.  The winners are separated into two categories small business and large business.  The following were selected and recognized:


Shields Quick Lube
Small Business of the Year

Pictured are David Sommers, Ted Bushons, Shanna Dingman, Brian Haenlein, Bill Mulders, owner,  John Dingman, owner and Rod Iamurri


Frankenmuth Credit Union
Small Business Honorable Mention

Pictures are Dana Reif, VP of Operations, Kevin Fresorger, Team Lead, Vickie Schmitzer, CEO, Rod Iamurri, Dan Wortman, Senior VP and David Sommers


Saginaw Control & Engineering
Large Business of the Year

Pictured are David Sommers, Scott Baldauf, VP and Rod Iamurri


Large Business Honorable Mention

Pictured are David Sommers, Charity Cavlery, Nurse Practitioner, Karl Gruschke, Manager Practical Management, David Easton, D.O., Jessica Harper, CMA, Normalyn Mitchell, CMA, Rod Iamurri, and Alicia Babock, CMA