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Thomas Township along with the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is proud to honor the men and women who have served or are currently serving the United States of America by instituting the HOMETOWN HEROES BANNER PROGRAM.  This program is a way for a service person and or family member to honor and recognize their contribution.  The Hometown Hero must be a current or previous resident of Thomas Township.  The banners will be displayed on the light poles along Gratiot Road (M-46) for the Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day holidays.  Each banner is at a cost of $110.00

The Hometown Heroes program applications are being taken on a “first come, first served” basis.  Applications will be closed once space limitations have been reached.  Taking part in the program will ensure your banner will remain part of the display for five (5) years.  After that that the banners will be replaced (due to issues of fading etc.).  The Township will contact the sponsor at that time to return the banner to them.  If you wish to continue having a banner as part of the display, you would then have to repurchase a new banner. 

You must provide a picture of the honoree to be placed on the banner.  It should be provided in “digital” format for the best likeness.  It should be understood, that some photos may not produce a likeness that is as clear and of the same quality. The photograph is preferred to be one of the honoree in their military uniform.

Please let us know why you chose to honor this person so that we may publish this information on the Thomas Township website and in the quarterly newsletter to further honor your “Hometown Hero”.

Application fees can be paid by check, cash or money order in person, via the drop off box, or by mail to the Thomas Township Office, 249 North Miller Road, Saginaw, Michigan 48609.

For any additional questions, please contact the Thomas Township Community Development Department at (989) 781-0150.


Application to honor your “Hometown Hero”

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